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From Tom Jordahl <>
Subject RE: WSDL2Java Plus TypeMapping (+1 ?)
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2002 22:54:38 GMT

This is very much goodness.

I was looking at the Sun xrpcc tool (WSDL2Java/Java2WSDL equivalent).
In order to run it, the argument is an XML config file which contains
various bits of information.  One the things it has are TypeMappings.

I couldn't get it to accept any WSDL file I tried.

We probably need to at least document how to establish such mappings
on the client tool side (client-config.wsdd?) if we can do this.

FYI - Here are bits from the doc:

   xrpcc.bat -classpath build -both -d build config.xml

config.xml looks like this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 	
   <wsdl name="[1]" 	
The typeMappingRegitry looks like this:
      <entry schemaType="ns1:SampleType" 	

Tom Jordahl

-----Original Message-----
From: R J Scheuerle Jr []
Sent: Friday, February 08, 2002 5:08 PM
Subject: WSDL2Java Plus TypeMapping (+1 ?)


The runtime uses the information in the default TypeMapping to
get the base qname <-> java information.

The Java2WSDL emitter uses the default TypeMapping information to
get  java -> qname information.

However WSDL2Java uses the routine Utils.getBaseJavaName(qname)
method to get qnamethe  -> java base names.

I have almost completed the changes in my sandbox to change WSDL2Java to
use the default TypeMapping.

This has the following advantages:
   -  Keeps the runtime and the emitter in sync.
   -  Removal of hard-coded Utils.getBaseJavaName routine.
   -  Further tests TypeMapping registry.

Related changes:
   - Adding this support via the WriterFactory so that other developers
provider their own mappings.
   - Changing the name of BaseJavaType objects to BaseType objects
   - Made improvements to the Hex support in the runtime, including
     JavaUtils.convert() changes to convert between byte[] and Hex.

Comments ?

Rich Scheuerle
XML & Web Services Development
512-838-5115  (IBM TL 678-5115

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