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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject RE: Interop with Log4j & AXIS Logging in general
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2002 18:23:18 GMT

> If I recall correctly, JCLI didn't exist when we last had 
> this discussion,
> and the impression (possibly incorrect) at the time was that Avalon's
> LogKit prereqed the Avalon Framework.  In any case, JCLI not 
> only doesn't
> prereq any outside framework, it has it as a part of it's design
> requirements to stay that way.

Yup, it did exist, at least in August:

However, that vote got a total of zero responses, and we went with the log4j-centric solution.
 At the time, that was my leaning, but since we've been with log4j a while and don't really
utilize any of the custom APIs, I am all for doing the JCLI and being done with it.

> I'm +1 with Richard proceeding as planned.  For everyone's 
> sanity, I just
> suggest that the changes be integrated either quickly or 
> incrementally.
> This effort is undoubtably going to touch a lot of files, and 
> I don't want
> to see a lot of changes lost due to incorrect merges.


Do we continue to include log4j with Axis?  (I vote yes)


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