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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject RE: Caching generated WSDL
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2002 14:15:33 GMT
Hi Igor!

> I think caching should be selectable by a parameter on the service.
> I can have a dynamic classloader, similar to catalina's 
> WebAppClassLoader that would refresh JARs when they are 
> updated on the file system. It may be very difficult for 
> Axis, or for anyone really, to check all type dependencies to 
> find out that something has been changed in the class 
> hierarchy that relates to the exposed svc. WSDL requests are 
> not that frequent anyway, so I may choose to generate 
> (refresh) WSDL for every such request.

Sure, that would be fine too.  Does Catalina's classloader reload without restarting the webapp?
 How does that work?  In other words, what if something in the AxisServer object graph has
a reference to a Class that was loaded before a change occurred?  I would think that that
would cause either a) some kind of problem using the Class or b) continued usage of the old
class (and ClassLoader, since there'd still be a reference to it through the Class)....

JRun does dynamic refresh when JARs/classes change under WEB-INF, but we do it by restarting
the webapp, which would restart the AxisServer.


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