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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: WSDL tests as unit tests? (was: Re: Crisping up the interface (was: Undo and chains))
Date Wed, 02 Jan 2002 14:50:32 GMT
Russell Butek wrote:
> Making WSDL tests unit tests brings up a philosophical discussion.  Do we
> want to make sure the generated bindings look like we expect them to look
> (no server) or do we make sure the generated bindings function (need a
> server)?

There is a third possibility, and that's what is called a unit test.  As an
analogy, it is quite possible to verify that the serialization and
deserialization code executes property without requiring a server.

It is quite easy to dismiss some of the extreme positions in this debate.
For example, if everything were written as a functional test, then arguably
more bugs would be found in the process - if we could get anybody to
actually invest the time in running the things on a regular basis.

My recommendation would be to keep the tests tolerable so that there is no
excuse anybody to commit a change without running them (under penatly of
relentless taunting by their peers).  My feeling is that at the moment we
are still safe, but I see the wsdl function tests in particular as having
the potential for accruing incrementally to the point where they will
exceed people's tolerance at some point.

Perhaps planning for whatever infrastructure is required should begin
before we get to that point.

One simple possibility is to use the local transport.

- Sam Ruby

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