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From Cédric Chabanois <>
Subject RE: some questions concerning Axis
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2002 14:58:26 GMT
> > If I need to use an object that is not a bean as a 
> parameter to a method
> of
> > my web service, I need to do the following :
> > - create a serializer
> > - create a deserializer
> > - declare them in the wsdd (with typeMapping)
> >
> > But I don't know what to do concerning generation of the 
> WSDL. What will
> be
> > generated when the user will try to use ?wsdl with my webservice ?
> Short answer:  I don't know.
> Long answer:  right now AXIS doesn't handle this.  If you have custom
> serialization, then that serialization would have to be 
> exported to the
> client along with the WSDL, and I don't know how that should be
> accomplished, nor do I know how the WSDL for the custom type 
> would look.
> Anyone else have thoughts about this?

Thank you for your answers.
Concerning this last point, let's see my own case.
I have a class that is not a bean (but not far from). I know how to
serialize it and how to deserialize it. So I know what the WSDL should look
like (not very different from the generated wsdl for a bean).
I think we should have another option in the wsdd 
<typeMapping .... serializer="classname" deserializeFactory="classname"
wsdlGenerator="classname" >

Most often, I think custom serialization just consists to choose what needs
to be serialized and to serialize it using existing serializers.

Cédric Chabanois

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