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From Simon Fell <>
Subject Re: new 4s4c interop results
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2002 16:54:10 GMT
On Wed, 23 Jan 2002 11:28:55 -0500, in soap you wrote:

>Simon Fell wrote:
>> Sam, do you have wire dumps for these two i can take a look at ?
>Hint: push page down.  ;-)

doh !. thanks.

for echoIntegerArray, it looks like i send back an array of size 1,
but no values
<result E:arrayType='b:int[1]'></result> which i would imagine causes
the problem, I'll have to look into that one, i can't even imagine how
that happens at this point.

for structArray, i send back an arrayType="xsd:anyType[x]" which I'm
guessing causes the problem, this is an issue with a number of
toolkits and something i need to fix.

>Note: since you seem to have installed Axis yourself, you have everything
>you need to reproduce this test.  Look in the java/samples/echo directory.


>> There seems to be a split in the web services folks, those that
>> embrace the programming language integration, and believe in type
>> promotions / conversions, and those that think the WSDL contract is
>> the last word, and can't be deviated from at all. In this particular
>> case I'm fine with it being considered a failure, as i do want to have
>> it return a hexBinary response. There are a bunch of similar cases,
>> like xsd:base64Binary vs soap-enc:base64, that aren't as clear cut.
>And I'm quite willing to stradle the fence on this issue.  As a general
>rule, my belief is that we should be strictly conforming in what we send,
>and liberal in what we accept.  So marking this as a failure is "correct".
>But accepting the response (given that the intent is unabiguous in this
>case) is _better_.
>- Sam Ruby

BTW, I'm still way off releasing the 2.0 version of 4s4c, is there any
chance you can test both the new 2.0 endpoint, and also released 4s4c
endpoint ? [ wsdl is
endpoint is ] 


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