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From Byrne Reese <>
Subject Re: Axis and attachments (non-RPC)
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2002 20:16:30 GMT
On Wed, 2002-01-30 at 05:06, Rick Rineholt wrote:
> >1b) If you update Content-Id of the Attachment, it will not be saved
> unless
> >you re-add it to attachments.
> 1a+ b)  Content-Id is generated for you.  There should be no significance
> given to the
> content-id value itself.  Can you please give a usage scenario where this
> would be necessary?

Granted, this has a certain Grand Central bias, but...

Many Web services Grand Central has implemented relies heavily upon
accessing named attachments and saving attachments with very specify
content-ids. This is why:

Grand Central supports the ability to route a message through several
"intermediary" SOAP services. This is not an intermediary in the SOAP
spec sense of the word, but more in the context of business rules/logic,
or work flow (eek - of sorts). In any event, since several parties will
be involved in the end-to-end processing of a request, it would be
beneficial to direct each party to the content in the message (which in
our case is typically held in attachments) that is relevant to them. For
example, lets look at these simple use cases:

Use Case 1:
I compose a request message to a SOAP service provider. However, the
output from that service in not a XML format desirable to me, so I route
the response through and XSLT transformation service. In this case I
need to tell the XSLT service which attachments to apply a given XSL
template to.

Use Case 2:
I have logic setup that routes a message through an FTP service prior to
being delivered to the ultimate recipient service. Subsequent services
will also act upon certain attachments obtained through the FTP service.
Therefore the FTP service needs a way of adding attachments and setting
their content-ids explicitly so that each subsequent services access the
attachments intended for them.

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