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From "Russell Butek" <>
Subject Holder problem
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2001 14:08:49 GMT
Now that JAX-RPC distinguishes between int and java.lang.Integer, Rich and
I have discovered a problem:  holders.  We have
javax.xml.rpc.holders.BooleanHolder which holds a boolean.  We now need a
holder that holds a java.lang.Boolean.  We obviously can't name it
javax.xml.rpc.holders.BooleanHolder because that name's already used.

I'm going to bring this up to the JAX-RPC folks, but in the mean time we'll
implement an interim solution (and if we're really really lucky, this will
become the real solution).  For each of the class wrappers for the
primitive types we'll create a <className>ClassHolder in
javax.xml.rpc.holders.  In other words we'll add:
javax.xml.rpc.holders.IntegerClassHolder (this COULD be IntegerHolder since
it doesn't clash with IntHolder, but IntegerClassHolder is consistent with
the others)

(By the way, we have a DateHolder, but that's out of date, so we'll replace
it with a CalendarHolder.)

Russell Butek

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