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From "Doug Davis" <>
Subject Re: [Architecture Improvement] Handler lifecycle events and undo()
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2001 15:13:30 GMT
Berin wrote:
> can allow the Handler implementer to identify *their* needs,
>as opposed to the needs that the omniscient Axis developers deigned to
>in the interfaces :). Seriously, eventually you will find a need, but
>then, Handlers that don't require any preparation beyond simple
>don't have to implement methods that they don't need.
>So here are some LAWS of development life:
>"You will never have all the requirements stated up front."
>"Requirements will never remain static over the life of a project."
>"Somebody, Somewhere will need the 'feature' you are trying to remove."
>Keep this in mind.
>Also, why spend too much mental sinapses on deciding whether it is
>wrong for a Handler to have an init() function when there is a framework
>makes it easier to make that optional--so you can have it when you need
>BTW, it is not fundamentally wrong, you just haven't run accross a
>for it yet.

"omniscient" LOL!!
Whether its the current design, an event driven thing, or Avalon isn't as
important to me as making sure the function is available.


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