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From "Greg Truty" <>
Subject EJB Provider changes and miscellaneous comments
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2001 19:25:59 GMT
Attached below are a variety of fixes for the EJBProvider code:

1. Fix in JavaProvider to specify correctly a missing "allowedMethods"
entry vs. an invalid "beanJndiName" - serviceClassNameOption
2. Addition of PortableRemoteObject.narrow to EJBProvider (as required via
EJB specification)
3. Addition of homeInterfaceClass option to specific the class of the EJBs
Home Interface which is required for narrowing
4. Internationalization of messages within (and additional file update)

(See attached file: attached file:
(See attached file:

Along with this, I have a suggested addition to the users-guide to specify
the EJBProviders configuration information (it's not intuitively obvious)


beanJndiName - JNDI name of EJB intended to be looked up. (e.g.
samples/stock/StockBeanHome or java:comp/ejb/StockBeanHome)
homeInterfaceName - Class name of the Stateless Session EJB's home
interface (e.g., samples.stock.StockBeanHome)
allowedMethods - methods exposed on the EJB that map to the PortType
operations exposed (analagous to methodName in the Java Provider case)


jndiContextClass - the InitialContexFactory classname set on the
InitialContext properties object variable java.naming.factory.initial
jndiURL - the providerUrl set on the InitialContext properties object
variable java.naming.provider.url
jndiUser - the userid set on the InitialContext properties object variable
jndiPassword - the password set on the InitialContext properties object

Lastly,  I noticed that the tcpmon .gif needs to be updated in the
users-guide w/the new picture (and updated options available)


Greg Truty
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