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From Thomas Sandholm <>
Subject Re: WSDL2Java: JavaFaultWriter problem with imports
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2001 16:49:41 GMT
At 10:24 AM 12/17/2001 -0600, Russell Butek wrote:

>The problem with generating faults - and correct me if I'm wrong, Tom - is
>that we need info from all portTypes in order to find all faults and make
>sure we don't try to generate duplicates.  JavaPortTypeWriter only gives us
>info on a particular portType.  But I think it would be sufficient for the
>logic to look at all portTypes in all Definitions, primary and imported.
>I'll look into it.

Well, I might be missing something here in how Axis is designed internally 
(or some Java restrictions), but theoretically I see no big difference in 
fault parts, input parts, and output parts of a portType. A fault part type 
may be reused in many different portType definitions, likewise input and 
output part types may also be reused among portTypes. In my tests I have 
both types of reuse, and the input, output part type kind of reuse seems to 
work smoothly with imports. So, I guess what I'm saying is that, if 
possible, it would be nice if these portType parts could be handled 


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