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From "Doug Davis" <>
Subject Re: Attachment support.
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2001 14:15:15 GMT
Glen - you might want to check your editor - I noticed tabs
in a ton of files in Axis (including new WSDD files) so it could
be on your end.

>* Formatting - please stick with the Axis coding conventions (4 space
>indents, no tabs, 80 col lines)
I can see were I've easily transgressed the 80 col. rule.
  I was not aware of that.  Does this include comments?  I think
  comments in line with code are helpful and 80 cols are really putting a
  squeeze on getting code content on a line and a really meaningful
  comment.  If comments are included has anyone considered to making
  them exempt?
 Did you detect tabs?  I couldn't.  Can you please point out the file so I
   could investigate it some more.
 I also believe the code was indented by 4 spaces.

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