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From "Doug Davis" <>
Subject Re: WSDL Generation Stuff
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2001 03:52:12 GMT
James wrote:
> 3. Would it be possible to have Axis reference an already existing WSDL
> document rather than creating one every time.  The WSDD can be used to
> link to a WSDL that describes the service interface (message, portType
> binding) and Axis can autogenerate something that looks like:
>     <definitions>
>         <import namespace="..." location="preexisting wsdl doc" />
>         <service name="SomeService">
>             <port name="SomePort" binding="abc:SomeBinding">
>                  <soap:address ... />
>             </port>
>         </service>
>     </definitions>
>    We would need to add something like the following to WSDD and modify
> the registry and WSDL code to support it.
>    <wsdd:service ...>
>        <wsdd:description location="preexisting wsdl doc" namespace="..."
> binding="binding_name" />
>    </wsdd:service>

I know that some people thought the WSDL stuff Rick wrote was a bit
too heavy, but if we want to support stuff like this (which I think
would be a good idea) then we really need to look into having a
common WSDL code base - *one* that will process a WSDL file and
present the data in a nice, easy to use format. I really liked
the idea of presenting it in a java-reflection style.  We need to
try to reduce the code duplication that is already started (between
the wsdl2java stuff and the Service/Call stuff).  At one point I
thought I heard some people talking about doing something along
the lines of what Rick had done but a little lighter - has there
been any more thought given to this?


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