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From "Russell Butek" <>
Subject Re: Offer help
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2001 19:42:54 GMT
WOW!  A documentation volunteer!  Yes!  We are sorely in need of

We actually DO have a users guide:  xml-axis/java/docs/user-guide.html
Glen put a fair bit of work into it, though I suspect he'd like it to grow
even more.  Glen?

And I agree with you about the lack of javadoc info.  Our coding convention
requires us to put in javadoc comments, but too often we slip into the
one-liner approach.

I guess the next step is the same as we'd do for anyone wanting to
contribute code.  You provide us with some documentation - user's guide or
javadocs - and if we like it one of the committers will check it in.  Do
that a couple times to prove that you're serious and we'll make you a

Russell Butek

Saradhi Vemuri <> on 11/08/2001 01:08:28 PM

Please respond to

Subject:  Offer help

I would like to offer help with the Axis development.

Following are the areas that I was thinking may need
some work -

The one complain I always had with  SOAP Api is
javadocs are very lacking of information and user
guide is unvailable. I would like to volunteer to work
on Axis, preferably documenting it

Secondly, I could offer my services to code if need be
too, we at Merrill Lynch are trying to serialize
java.lang.Exception to Fault. I understand there is
none available yet in SOAP 2.2 api. Hence would like
to do work on that one.


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