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From "Rick Rineholt" <>
Subject Re: Attachment support.
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2001 23:30:03 GMT
Well, I wouldn't worry about interesting work in Axis going away
any time  soon.  So, as soon as your bandwidth comes available
again I'm sure the community will be happy to see you sinking your teeth
back in again :-)

>At 02:11 PM 11/5/2001 -0500, Rick Rineholt wrote:
>>As per what's next:
>>Here is  only my point of view:  There has been a lot of work and
>>discussion on the Handler's Message model and from
>>what I'm hearing there are still
>>some difference of opinions.   In order to make headway, I think we need
>>say either be willing to accept it
>>for the 1.0 release or step up and change it; and be willing to get it
>Well, I think Glen might've missed the fact that the AttachmentsImpl stuff
>*already checked in*.  I certainly don't plan to change it!  I was
>that message from last week as explanation of what I've already done, not
>description of a pending change.  I couldn't agree more that API haggling
>should be finished as of now.  (Glen should've piped up last week :-)
>Personally, I'm hoping that you get issued your committer account soon,
>my crunch mode is somewhat unraveling and my Axis time is going to take an

>bigger hit.  (In other words, I definitely won't be making any more
changes to
>the message API myself -- any attachments work I do is likely to be

Rick Rineholt
"The truth is out there...  All you need is a better search engine!"

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