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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: Axis breaks XML infoset
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2001 04:47:03 GMT
Ryo Neyama wrote:
> I think setPretty(true) is not allowed in any cases. So, we should just
> remove it.

That's a pretty strong statement.  Generally what setPretty does is add
what is known as "Ignorable Whitespace".

We interop with a large number of implementations with it present.  See the
Axis entries in - both Axis as a
client to other servers, and other clients against Axis servers.  In fact,
you if you look at the wiredumps, you will see that various implementations
take vastly different approaches to whitespace, and all are valid and
conform to the SOAP specifications.

You apparently know of some situations where the application does not
consider the whitespace added as being ignorable.  Fair enough.  Lets see
if we can categorize when such whitespace is not allowed.  If necessary, we
can even add a member to the MessageContext which controls the whitespace.

- Sam Ruby

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