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From "Matthew Duftler" <>
Subject Re: Updates to WSDL4J
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2001 15:03:59 GMT

Hi dims,

Sure. The heads up was sent on 11/21/01, where I indicated we would be
committing more changes imminently. There will also be more changes
committed over the next day or so.

In addition, I was under the impression that when you guys decided to do a
nightly build, you were aware that if something changes, your code
obviously will not compile. I interpret this to be an automated "heads up"
that things have changed.

Since the new changes were committed late last night, it would have been
difficult to provide any support between then and now.

You are basing your code on a CVS tree that intends to serve as a reference
implementation for a spec which is still being written. The spec and the
codebase are each evolving (frequently, as changes are discussed, one
creeps ahead of the other; I gather you Axis folks have experienced the
same phenomenon).

When you base your code on an evolving CVS tree, and not on a snapshot (or
a release, which doesn't exist yet), your integration code will cease to
function when changes are made. If you want to be instantly up to date with
any changes that are made to code you depend on, then you should be willing
to stomach having to walk through some of the changes yourselves. If you
want support for understanding the changes, well, sometimes that can't
happen in one night.

In short, the changes being committed were agreed upon (in concept) long
ago by the JSR110 Expert Group. We are still updating the text in the spec
to reflect the decisions we've made. We did not agree upon line-by-line
changes, so it would be impossible to telegraph those changes to you ahead
of time. We are going to review the changes that have been committed, and
yes, they might change. Incidentally, as I said last time, these changes
were discussed and posted to our web-site long ago.

So, I repeat my words from my last note:

"The changes that will be committed over the next few days will definitely
break your nightly builds (they are changes to some of the exposed APIs,
not just the internal stuff). Maybe you'd be better off using the tagged
0_8 snapshot, instead of the latest tree for now. Then when the changes are
done, we can get together and figure out what changes need to be made to
your integration."

The best place to find out what effect the committed changes have is to
check the CVS log for updated files. The notes are very detailed.


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                                         Subject:     Updates to WSDL4J                  
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                    Please respond                                                       
                    to dims                                                              

Sanjiva, Matt,

Is it possible to give us a heads up and some support when things change in
WSDL4J? Better
communication between the two teams will increase the chance that a Web
Services umbrella will
happen in the future.


Davanum Srinivas -

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