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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: Axis breaks XML infoset
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2001 12:27:25 GMT
Ryo Neyama wrote:
> According to preserving whitespaces, I don't know what's the requirement (I
> know it is required in some cases). So, I cannot test it. Would you add it
> onto your todo list?

There is something that Axis is doing now that you consider broken.  A
small example of the inputs, the API's you are calling, and the desired
output would be helpful.

> 2. I prefer to preserving whitespace as the default behavior of Axis.
> The default behavior is a design issue. So someone maybe doesn't like this
> behavior. I can compromise on this issue.

"preserving whitespace" generally implies that the application is involved
in producing XML.  Can I get you to take a look at the stock quote sample?
What does "preserving whitespace" mean in that example?

I would have no problem with a requirement that whenever conversion to or
from DOM is involved, the elements are to remain intact.  But without
insight into what your inputs, API's or desired output is, I can't assess
whether or not this addresses your issue.

- Sam Ruby

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