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From "Doug Davis" <>
Subject Re: Proposed Message API change -- preview
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2001 11:33:36 GMT
James wrote:
> Anyway, please review and comment.  If I don't hear anything by Wednesday
> or Thursday, I'm assuming consent and will continue to move forward.  Be
> warned, the next time you see this may be in a CVS commit !!!    I
> that it was Sam who has said "Commit first, appologize later".... well,
> I'm giving y'all a chance to scream about this now, so please do if you
> have any comments!  :-) .
> I am not intending this to be a release 1 thing, btw (which is why I'm
> using an experimental psuedo-Axis codebase to write it and not the actual
> CVS code).

If this is good stuff ("if" - I haven't reviewed it yet) then why wait
until after release 1?  Plus, if the next time we see this is in a CVS
commit AND it is not hooked into the system and isn't going to be right
away I'm planning on deleting it.  I'm getting tired of having code in
the cvs tree that is not hooked in and just sits there endlessly (eg.


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