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From "Doug Davis" <>
Subject Re: WSDD - proposed change
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2001 21:06:47 GMT
What does "java:RPC" really map to? A chain?
Is there a better word than "type" we can use that would
make it clearer- like "chain" if "java:RPC" really does
map to a chain with RPCDispatcher at the pivot.

Glen Daniels <> on 11/06/2001 04:02:51 PM

Please respond to

To:   "''" <>
Subject:  WSDD - proposed change

I'd like to make service deployment easier - WSDD is great (and simple!) in
a number of ways, but the whole service/provider configuration isn't one of
them.  Here's a proposed new scheme:

Instead of <provider> elements which sit inside the service element, we
a service type attribute which is a QName:

<service name="MyService" type="java:RPC">

Preregistered ones include java:RPC, java:Message, java:EJB, and
axis:Handler.  New ones are pluggable.

Now the issue becomes getting provider-specific options in the right place.
The way the code works right now is that there is a single shared instance
of each type of provider, which pulls options from the Service itself, so I
propose we leave it that way -

<service name="MyService" type="java:RPC">
 <parameter name="className" value="glen.TestService"/>
 <parameter name="methodName" value="*"/>
 <parameter name="otherServiceSpecificOption" value="foo"/>

What do you think?


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