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From Mark Roder <>
Subject RE: Logging request
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2001 02:08:15 GMT

Thanks for the feedback on this.  This is a great discussion of the points

Do you have insight on how to best deal with variable sized data and
thresholds?   Example:  In the transport layer, it would be nice to see data
to and from the server for each call.  This is no longer a good idea if you
are working with "large" packets(MBs of data).  

This is where another categoy makes sense to me.  The standard category has
debug info of "got a packet of size:" type logs and the other category can
then be turned on/off to actually dump the payload.

Thanks for the info.  


-----Original Message-----
From: Richard Sitze []
Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2001 7:27 AM
Subject: Re: Logging request

I agree in principle that this would be nice, but it is orthogonal to the
current strategy in AXIS logging.  Current practice is to bind Log4J
categories to class names, rather than by functional behavior (logical
"groupings" of related function).  There is, however, clearly a correlation
between functional behaviour and class names.  So you can acheive the
results you desire by identifying classes that work with incoming/outgoing
messages, possibly in the transport layers, and enabling logging for those
classes using the current Log4J scheme.

Granted that this is not as "easy" as what you propose, but it by-class
control does allow you more control of the logging process than your
proposed "function oriented" logging messages.

As it turns out, WebSphere internal logging supports both a
"class-by-class" logging enablement and a higher level "functional"
enablement.  In talking with folks around here, we rarely see people use
the "functional" enablement.  In support issues more information is good:
it's always easier to postprocess and strip information than ask for more.
The more "functional" categories you have, the more difficult it is to
figure out which ones you need.

The class-by-class method, with it's ability to turn on classes by the
package name hierarchy (i.e.  org.apache.axis.transport.*) is ideal as it
allows as much or as little control as you might imagine, and it doesn't
bind you to any one designers notion of what a good "functional" category
might be.


Originally From: Mark Roder <>

> In writing a soap client application it would be nice if I could setup a
> couple of log4j categories to DEBUG level and see all outgoing data going
> the server and all incoming packets from the server.
> Is this currently possible?
> If not, here is a possible solution:
> Define some new Categories for this purpose and name them in a way to
> them out of the normal "org.apache.axis" naming structure.  Maybe
> "org.apache.axis-incomingdata" and "org.apache.axis-outgoingdata".
> This would allow a setup of the following:
> #
> # Set axis logging
> Later
> Mark

Richard A. Sitze  
CORBA Interoperability
WebSphere Development
IBM Software Group

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