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From Darrin John Eden <>
Subject Re: PROPOSAL: New name for combined SOAP implementation project
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2001 01:09:05 GMT
Call it the Allies and be done with it.


On Friday, November 30, 2001, at 12:54 AM, Sanjiva Weerawarana wrote:

> To me, the reason for changing the name is to accomodate the merging
> of the development communities. While we are sort of one community,
> the reality is that there are people active on soap-dev who are not
> on axis-dev and vice versa. Similar the WASP developers have an
> identity which they may or may not want to combine under the axis
> name (I don't speak for them).
> Changing the name from axis to foo would be a way to welcome all
> three groups of participants to one joint community. If the joint
> community is named according to one of the constituent communities
> then the communal feeling is less. IMO, of course.
> So, its for mushy reasons like that. If others (from soap-dev
> and wasp developers) feel its ok to call the resulting thing axis
> then I may not object. However, to me that would add confusion too
> as the intent is to grow the combined project beyond being just a
> soap impl and axis is scoped as a soap implementation.
> Sanjiva.
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> From: "Doug Davis" <>
> To: <>
> Cc: "Axis Development List" <>
> Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2001 9:33 PM
> Subject: Re: PROPOSAL: New name for combined SOAP implementation project
>> Just wondering - what's wrong with just keeping "Axis"?  Its already
>> a pretty generic name.
>> -Dug
>> "Sanjiva Weerawarana" <> on 11/28/2001 08:09:58 
>> PM
>> Please respond to
>> To:   "Apache SOAP" <>, "Axis Development List"
>>       <>
>> cc:
>> Subject:  PROPOSAL: New name for combined SOAP implementation project
>> In recent weeks there was a discussion on
>> about combining the SOAP implementation efforts in Apache into
>> one project. Longer term, other Web services efforts may also be
>> added to this same combined project. The main motivation for
>> combining these efforts is to make the community stronger by
>> combining the now separated communities.
>> We have 3 separate SOAP implementations at hand (listed in historical
>> order):
>>     - Apache SOAP
>>     - Apache Axis
>>     - WASP - a contribution from Systinet that's yet to be committed
>> The proposal is to combine the three to form one SOAP implementation
>> project at Apache. Apache SOAP is now the historical implementation
>> and Axis is intended to be a replacement for it. WASP should be used
>> in evolving Axis to basically take the best of both and make the next
>> major rewrite of Apache's SOAP implementation.
>> So, in order to get moving on this we have to agree on a name for the
>> combined SOAP implementation project. What I suggest is that we come
>> up with a few suggestions and then have a vote.
>> To start the process I propose the name "ceylon" .. it comes from
>> a random chat that Dims and I had during some of the preparation
>> for this note! Let's spend a few days coming up with candidate
>> names and then narrow down a list and call a vote.
>> Bye,
>> Sanjiva.

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