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From Tom Jordahl <>
Subject WSDL Crimson vs. Xerces parser problem.
Date Wed, 28 Nov 2001 22:24:40 GMT

I just submitted a WSDL file (test/filegen/FileGen.wsdl) which seems to
cause Wsdl2java to crash when used with crimson.jar instead of xerces.jar.
This is a problem because ant uses the crimson.jar in ant/lib when running
the tests.  You have to remove this jar file and replace it with xerces in
order for 'ant functional-tests' to run at 100%. Otherwise the
'test.filegen.FileGenTestCase' will fail.

The offending piece of XML is the non-SOAP binding:

  <!-- Non-soap binding, no code should be emitted for it -->
  <binding name="ReferenceHttpGet" type="serviceNS:PortTypeNotSoap">
    <http:binding verb="GET" />
    <operation name="myop">
      <http:operation location="/GetReference" />
        <http:urlEncoded />
        <mime:mimeXml part="Body" />

I am not sure what to do about this, as the test case needs a non-SOAP
binding to verify that we do not in fact emit code for this binding.  Anyone
have any idea or thoughts on this?


Tom Jordahl
Macromedia Server Development

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