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From Aleksander Slominski <>
Subject Re: Performance
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2001 03:55:04 GMT
Tim McClure wrote:

> I apoligize if this is a resubmission.  I am sending it again because I sent
> it before I was confirmed on the mailing list.
> I am do some out of box testing between XML-RPC and AXIS SOAP and am
> experience a significant perfromance difference.  XML-RPC processes 331
> message per second while AXIS only does 21 message per second.  I expected a
> SOAP implementation to be slower than an XML-RPC implementation but not by
> that much.  Does anyone no why the AXIS test was so slow?  Is it possibly a
> configuration issue ( i.e. XML validation turned on) ?


first step in direction to do any performance evaluation is to decide exactly what
to evaluate (it seems you evaluate method invocations but what is on the wire?)
and how to repeat evaluation (so others could run tests and compare results)
- so could you give more details about your setup, tests used and how
other people could reproduce your results?



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