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From "Theodore W. Leung" <>
Subject Re: Merging soap, axis, wasp, and wsdl communities.
Date Fri, 30 Nov 2001 22:49:44 GMT
Sorry for the late reply but I was away.

I'm totally fine with what you wrote below -- I just wanted to make sure
that I understood.  And I agree heartily about the MS WSDL

On Mon, 2001-11-26 at 11:46, Sam Ruby wrote:
> Theodore W. Leung wrote:
> >
> >>    One thing I want to specifically call out here: just as
> >>    subprojects are not artificially limited in scope to only support Apache
> >>    XML parsers or Apache XSLT processors, sub-sub-projects of whatever
> >>    common name we come up with will not be limited to only supporting this
> >>    soap stack.
> >
> > The way I read this is "we want to support multiple SOAP stacks".  Is
> > that what you mean?  Otherwise, it would seem odd if we didn't support
> > our own soap stack.
> Supporting the converged Apache SOAP stack would be required.  My concern
> was to address any concerns that the support would need to be limited to
> that one stack and that one stack only.
> To illustrate with an extreme example, if somebody wanted to have a WSDL
> based tool which supported both Apache's and Microsoft's SOAP
> implementations, I see no reason that support for both stacks couldn't be
> coexist in the same Apache cvs repository.
> A concrete example where this is done today in another Apache subproject.
> One would think that Jakarta was all about Java, right?  And the
> Microsoft's .Net in general, and C# in specific were the antithesis of
> this?  Well, take a look at
> .
> - Sam Ruby
> P.S.  I know of nobody working on such a tool at the present time.

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