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From "Sanjiva Weerawarana" <>
Subject WSDL4J & yesterday's IRC log - heavyweight
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2001 02:41:12 GMT
13:52] <GlenDaniels> OK - so for now I'm fine in principle with using WSDL4J
as the object model.  I'm concerned that it's a bit heavyweight, but that's
[13:52] <GlenDaniels> (does anyone know if the code always keeps the DOM
representation around or creates it as needed?)

WSDL4J uses org.w3c.dom.Element objects to represent the content
of the <types> element of WSDL, for documentation elements and
for extensibility elements. Given that there is no Java standard
for representing schema's in core, the J-WSDL folks decided to
leave that problem unsolved until it gets done elsewhere and
use a DOM element for the types part. <documentation> stuff
requires some XML representation; they chose Element instead of
String. Using Element for extensibility stuff gives the most
flexibility in terms of extending a J-WSDL model. I believe
that too will remain.

WSDL4J does *not* maintain a DOM representation of the entire
service description by any means.

I'd like to know where you think its heavyweight so that we can
try to fix it.

BTW, its important to separate J-WSDL's API (javax.wsdl.*) from
WSDL4J, the reference implementation from IBM. The ref impl is
currently focusing on getting the spec details right more than
performance or size or other critical factors. Once the JSR is
done (and once WSDL4J has been made a public open-source project;
hopefully at Apache), then we should tune WSDL4J to achieve
desired correctness/performance/size characteristics.


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