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From "Sanjiva Weerawarana" <>
Subject Re: What do we do with operation types: notification, solicit-response?
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2001 17:38:24 GMT
Hi Ben,

> Well, transport is not totally an orthogonal issue.  Suppose our transport
> is Http.  And we have a service that provides notification every time
> E happens on the server.  We don't want the client to have to have a web
> server to receive all the notifications by HTTP PUT.  IM provides a much
> lighter-weight method for the client to receive messages from the server.

OK so you've interpreted solicit-response as event mechanism. That,
however, is not the only interpretation - it can also be viewed as
a piece of "required" functionality of the service and that the
required functionality can be provided by a 3rd party w.r.t. the
service client and the provider. There are other possible views too.

I agree the transport is not orthogonal to the convenience of
implementing events. If the semantic is event semantics, then it
can certainly be implemented for HTTP too; yes that would require
the client to offer a service to which the event is delivered.

> I
> wrote the Jabber code for Axis and Soap 2.2.  I've been thinking of
> comitting it, but I don't have time at school to keep updating my code.
> Once a new alpha comes out, I'll update it again.

Cool. I thought your name was familiar but couldn't place the context!
Its certainly nice to have Jabber transports .. it validates that the
transport abstractions can be mapped to a relatively different transport.


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