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From "Glen Daniels" <>
Subject JNDI client getter
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2001 05:43:00 GMT
I recently checked in a change which should hopefully solve the EJB client
access issues for Axis.  Essentially, we wrap getting an AxisClient in the
AxisClientFactory, which handles getting the client from JNDI if its there,
or creating it (and binding it into JNDI) if not.

A similar pattern needs to be implemented for the Server side, I think.

In both cases, we need to figure out the correct JNDI naming scheme.  For
the server, it seems reasonable to simply use a name which corresponds to
the "scope" of an AxisServer - in other words, a webapp for servlet
listeners, and perhaps an EAR deployment for MDBs acting as transport
listeners.  For the client, I'm not exactly sure how to proceed.  This sort
of gets into the issue that came up recently on axis-user about sharing
transport/session context across different stub objects - a given client
"context" for a shared AxisClient is sort of arbitrary.  I think the pattern
here is pretty analagous to (and will eventually be implemented with)
resource references in J2EE.  You name a given configuration for an
AxisClient at deployment time, then refer to that reference name in JNDI
whenever you want to use it...

Thoughts and comments on this approach, and the actual code, would be much
appreciated, especially from the J2EE-savvy.


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