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From "Ryo Neyama" <>
Subject Re: Axis breaks XML infoset
Date Thu, 22 Nov 2001 06:19:35 GMT

> > XML Canonicalization does not remove whitespace. In that sense, it's not
> > "ignorable" at all.
> In other words, in the cases where the service or handler passes raw XML
> Axis, the requirement is that whitespace must be preserved between
> elements.  Fair enough.


>  If you have time to look into fixing just this -
> and not by erading all other whitespace in the process - that would be
> great.  Otherwise, perhaps you could consider providing a unit test which
> could be added to set of junit tests run as a part of the build?  If you
> could do that and nobody else volunteers, I can add debugging and fixing
> this onto my todo list.

According to preserving whitespaces, I don't know what's the requirement (I
know it is required in some cases). So, I cannot test it. Would you add it
onto your todo list?

> If the one you mentioned were removed, then there would be no white space
> added to any SOAP request or response except for those dealing with
> Administration interfaces.
> I would prefer a solution that was a little less drastic.

Ok. Let's separate the focus of the discussions into two peaces:

1. My requirement is that Axis can provide an option to preserve

I think everyone can accept this requirement. In many B2B applications, a
SOAP provider must not modify incoming SOAP messages for its own
convenience. In my understanding, this option is not available in the
current CVS version of Axis, right? If so, we need to fix it.

2. I prefer to preserving whitespace as the default behavior of Axis.

The default behavior is a design issue. So someone maybe doesn't like this
behavior. I can compromise on this issue.

Does it make sense?

Best regards,
    Ryo Neyama @ IBM Research, Tokyo Research Laboratory
    Internet Technology

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