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From "Ryo Neyama" <>
Subject Re: Axis breaks XML infoset
Date Tue, 27 Nov 2001 04:27:41 GMT

Glen seems to have fixed the problem.
Thank you very much.>Glen

> > According to preserving whitespaces, I don't know what's the requirement
> > know it is required in some cases). So, I cannot test it. Would you add
> > onto your todo list?
> There is something that Axis is doing now that you consider broken.  A
> small example of the inputs, the API's you are calling, and the desired
> output would be helpful.

Anyway, I send you a test case for testing in the future. The attached zip
file is the test case.
Please modify the CLASSPATH in test.bat and run it without any argument.
The test case sends the following XML document to the server.
<foo xmlns="urn:Test">baz<bar/>baz</foo>
And then, it receives the following XML document.
<foo xmlns="urn:Test">baz  <bar/>
The desired output is same as the original XML document, namely:
<foo xmlns="urn:Test">baz<bar/>baz</foo>

> > 2. I prefer to preserving whitespace as the default behavior of Axis.
> >
> > The default behavior is a design issue. So someone maybe doesn't like
> > behavior. I can compromise on this issue.
> "preserving whitespace" generally implies that the application is involved
> in producing XML.  Can I get you to take a look at the stock quote sample?
> What does "preserving whitespace" mean in that example?

I know what you want to say. In RPC case, preserving whitespace is not
However, how about the SOAP headers? Even in the case of RPC, some
applications(or header handlers) may not want to change the whitespaces in
the SOAP headers. So, I don't want the SOAP engine to modify the whitespaces
in the SOAP messages.

> I would have no problem with a requirement that whenever conversion to or
> from DOM is involved, the elements are to remain intact.  But without
> insight into what your inputs, API's or desired output is, I can't assess
> whether or not this addresses your issue.

Yes. I'm assuming the DOM-based API for sending SOAP messages. But, we
cannot count up the all cases that the applications do not care about
preserving whitespaces(because some header handlers may care about it even
in that case).

Best regards,
    Ryo Neyama @ IBM Research, Tokyo Research Laboratory
    Internet Technology

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