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From "Russell Butek" <>
Subject Re: The Axis TestCase is growing.
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2001 14:55:23 GMT
Berin wrote:
> Russell Butek wrote:
> (...snip...)
> The TestCase framework I am working on does what you have described.
> > I would very much prefer that the test did:
> > 1.  Run the stock Wsdl2java on the test's WSDL.
> > 2.  Maybe done some line-by-line comparison of the output against what
> > expect, though this could be a pain (I've done this in the past and it
IS a
> > pain).
> This is hard to do automatically!  The best I can do automatically is
> to match the methods on the class with the methods described in WSDL.

I would say this is impossible to do automatically!  And this sort of test
is really only useful once the emitter is stable.  When you make an
occasional change on a mature emitter, it is helpful to have a large test
set of WSDL for which you know what to expect.  Then if your change breaks
that expectation you know you've created a regression problem.  But we're
nowhere near this state, yet!

> > 3.  Compile everything.
> So far so good....
> > 4.  Run some test that uses the generated code.
> The TestCase that I was planning on implementing in Wsdl2Java would be
> "some test" you are talking about.  It exercises the methods that are
> and can be used to test whatever implementation you come up with.
> If you think that is not worthwile, I will cease my labors on it.

I guess I misunderstood what you were doing.  This is goodness.  You're
generating new stuff, not touching existing stuff.  Go for it.

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