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From "Russell Butek" <>
Subject --package or not --package (was: Re: AXIS chat log for 9 October, 2001)
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2001 12:44:50 GMT
(Tom, sorry I missed your comments on this, I should have responded a week

Ravi is right about the two issues.  While --package seems more usable than
--NStoPkg or a config file, --package is NOT correct.  If Wsdl2java
encounters multiple namespaces, it MUST map them to multiple package names.
We already have a sample - address book - that has 2 namespaces, one for
the WSDL stuff and one for the schema types.  And I also pointed out an
example from the WSDL spec that places the individual WSDL elements into
different packages.  Even the whitemesa interop tests have multiple

I don't understand the concern over a config file.  It would be OPTIONAL
and only used in complex environments, so only folks that are already
dealing with the nastiness of complexities would have to worry about it.  I
agree that we'd have to answer some questions - format (property file),
location, etc - but once those questions are answered it's not difficult.
I've written emitters that deal with property files, and Berin tells us
that Cocoon uses the command line/config file technique for arguments and
it's fairly standard.  Let me repeat the suggested solution.

1.  remove --package
2.  add some sort of command line argument for the namespace-to-package
mappings (--NStoPkg <ns0> <pkg0> -N <ns1> <pkg1> ... -N <nsN>
3.  look for a mapping properties file
4.  2 takes precedence over 3

Do we need to vote on this?

Russell Butek

Ravi Kumar <> on 10/20/2001 01:16:50 PM

Please respond to

Subject:  Re: AXIS chat log for 9 October, 2001

There are two issues here: usability and correctness.
If two types with the same name are populated into two different
namespaces, we
just have to handle it. Similarly, when exporting a class with the same
name from
two pakages, they need to be distinguishable.

As regards to usability, I don't have a strong preference between
--p and --NStoPkg or just -NStoPkg.
I agree there is going to be tooling around these anyway .... hmm, may be
should throw in a minimal UI!


Sam Ruby wrote:

> Tom Jordahl wrote:
> >
> > Are we keeping in mind the Use Case for Wsdl2java?  I am writing an
> > application that does many things, one of which is to use a web
service.  I
> > get the WSDL for the service, run the tool on it, and incorporate that
> > in to my code base.  I can use the web service via the stub, I include
> > axis.jar in my classpath, then I go on with my coding.  Do I really
want to
> > map namespace's here?  Am I missing a use case that is going to be more
> > common?
> My feeling is that if someone hands you a non-trivial WSDL for you to
> implement (i.e., something a bit more that echo or bidbuy), then you will
> likely need to do some custom mappings - in particular provide your own
> serializers and deserializers.  Ultimately, there will be a need for
> party wizards or other tooling to assist with this process.
> That does not meet that we should not continue to push back to keep the
> simple case simple (i.e., config file free).
> - Sam Ruby

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