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From "Doug Davis" <>
Subject Re: General question about huge attachments
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2001 10:45:12 GMT
Yes, let's please support http chunking.

Rob Jellinghaus <> on 10/25/2001 08:39:46 PM

Please respond to

Subject:  General question about huge attachments

So I've heard from many people that there is a lot of interest in being
able to send really large attachments via SOAP (and via Axis in

My research indicates that Apache SOAP 2.2, at least, requires that there
be a Content-Length header in every HTTP POST.
Here's the fault you get without it:

Generated fault:
  Fault Code   = SOAP-ENV:Protocol
  Fault String = Content length must be specified.

However, my reading of page 119 of
indicates that Content-Length is not mandatory... it's a SHOULD, not a
MUST.  (Interestingly, Apache SOAP 2.2 can deal just fine with missing
Content-Length headers in the MIME body parts themselves!)

Content-Length, of course, is the bane of streaming (calculating the length
of a huge encoded stream, before sending it, is a pain).

My question to you all is, is it a bug that Apache SOAP *requires* a
Content-Length even for HTTP POSTs that contain MIME messages?

My second question is, would it be desirable for Axis to *not* require
Content-Length for HTTP POSTs that contain MIME messages?

I think the best possible outcome here would be an Axis that, when sending
and receiving MIME messages (particularly with huge attachments), did no
Content-Length calculations at all, instead just streaming directly from
(say) files to the network.  I think this is even achievable, especially if
Content-Length can be omitted.  (If Content-Length is not omittable in
general, we could still put in hacks to try to calculate it up front, but
it becomes much uglier.)  +1?  -1?

Thanks for any thoughts!

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