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From "Doug Davis" <>
Subject Re: PROPOSAL: ServiceClient
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2001 17:03:58 GMT
One thing I forgot to add...any extension we add to our Call
object should really be examined and our jax-rpc reps should
push to get them into jax-rpc.  If they aren't good enough for
jax-rpc (and of course they have a good reason) then perhaps
we should remove it from our code.  Again - a fine line.
One nice thing about the current state of things is that since
jax-rpc is still a "work in progress" we're in a really good
position to say "hey - look at all of these hoops we need to
jump through" - having working code is a great way to convince
them that the APIs need to change.

One nice thing about finally having something like jax-rpc is that
if people stick with the standard APIs the chances of them being able
to port their code over to another Java implementation is much higher.
Having non-standard ways of doing things will just encourage non-portable
code.  I'm all for helper methods when the "standard" way of doing it
is just plain silly - it's a fine line. Like I stated before - I chose not
just blindly copy all of ServiceClient or make it extend Call because I
wanted us (me) to be forced to examine each and every method in there
to make sure we really needed it and wanted it.    The last thing I think
we should do is have so many extensions to Call that the JAX-RPC APIs
get lost.

Ravi Kumar <> on 10/18/2001 11:56:15 AM

Please respond to

Subject:  Re: PROPOSAL: ServiceClient

Though I would rather not have 2 ways of doing the same thing in an alpha
product, there seems to be valid reasons to let it be, albiet deprecated.


Another thought:
Wouldn't it be worthwhile refactoring ServiceClient to extend from
org.apache.axis.rpc  (aka javax.xml.rpc)?


Glen Daniels wrote:

> I've heard rumors that the ServiceClient class is going to go away.  I'd
> like to suggest how exactly we handle that.
> There are a lot of docs, including at least the Axis docs, the book that
> Doug and I are involved in, and the JRun Web Services tech preview, which
> reference the ServiceClient APIs.  Not to mention a lot of code people
> potentially been writing to the API.
> So rather than removing the class, I'd like to mark it deprecated and
> its API unchanged.  The implementation should become a simple delegation
> Call.  That way current users can still use ServiceClient, and we can
> it entirely after a few releases....
> What say y'all?
> --G

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