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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: IRC Meeting Log
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2001 06:51:28 GMT
Rob Jellinghaus wrote:
> Privately, until such time as we have some kind of working functional
> and/or until we have a first pass of the integration that doesn't
> with any functional tests.  (probably the latter.)
> As of right now, Rick's code isn't integrated into Axis (or so he tells
> he hasn't sent it to me yet).  Once I get his code, I'll be working on
> integrating it into Axis, using my at-home Perforce source control system
> to coordinate his code with the moving Axis baseline.

I'd like to strongly discourage this approach.  The longer this code is
developed independently, the harder it will be to merge and the less
opportunity for people to provide feedback as to the impact of changes.

Suggestion: there has to be some parts of Axis, as currently implemented,
which makes attachments unnecessarily harder than necessary to implement.
Consider changing those parts first.  True that such changes won't directly
provide support for attachments, but will allow us to get quickly past any
system instability  that such changes will make (which by definition would
be due to insufficient test coverage).

- Sam Ruby

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