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From "Russell Butek" <>
Subject one-way vs request-response (was Re: WsdlAttributes patch)
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2001 12:31:43 GMT
Given the discussion here, and a review of JAX-RPC, here's what I propose
we do:

1.  Support request-response AND one-way.  The ServiceClient object doesn't
support one-way, so that may have to change.  But the Call object supports
one-way.  So if the Call object replaces the ServiceClient object, which
sounds likely, then we shouldn't bother changing ServiceClient, but just
change the emitted code to call the Call object.  A side issue is whether
the signature of a one-way operation differs from the signature of a
request-response operation with an empty output message.  Can someone
looking at the interface distinguish between the two or do they both simply
return void?  I've asked the JAX-RPC folks this question, so maybe by the
time that spec is released to us we'll have an answer.

2.  Initially, don't support the other mechanisms in WSDL - notification
and solicit-response.  If Wsdl2java encounters WSDL that invokes these
mechanisms, then print an error telling the user why we're not generating
any code.

3.  As we grow up and understand how notification and solicit-response
work, then add support for them.

Russell Butek

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