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From "Greg Truty" <>
Subject Re: The Axis TestCase is growing.
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2001 14:30:06 GMT

I believe this --testcase switch was to allow a hook for some emitter to
actually generate a testcase.  This corresponds to your bullet 4 (run some
test that uses the generate code) in that this hook would give the ability
to generate that "some test"


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I have reservations!  Could you elaborate on why you think this one needs a
--testCase switch?  I've worked on a few emitters in my time and none of
them ever needed a switch to allow test cases to work.  In fact, it could
be argued that such a test is invalid.  If --testCase means things other
than the normal set get generated, then that tells me that we're not
testing the normal set but rather some testcase set.

I would very much prefer that the test did:
1.  Run the stock Wsdl2java on the test's WSDL.
2.  Maybe done some line-by-line comparison of the output against what we
expect, though this could be a pain (I've done this in the past and it IS a
3.  Compile everything.
4.  Run some test that uses the generated code.

Russell Butek

Berin Loritsch <> on 10/04/2001 08:36:59 AM

Please respond to

To:   Axis Development <>
Subject:  The Axis TestCase is growing.

I am getting ready to modify Emitter allow hooks for
generating a JUnit TestCase for the Generator.  The
test framework runs Wsdl2java and compiles the classes,
but the actual testcases are WSDL specific.  I want
to generate test cases that check for the SOAP signature
and return types.

I realize that this does add a bit more to Emitter, so
the specific TestCase generation will be farmed out to
a helper class--so as not to clutter the already large
Emitter class.

I chose the option "-t" or "--testCase" to turn on the
switch (defaults to off--just like skeleton generation).
If anyone has reservations raise them now before I spend
alot of time on this!

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