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From "Russell Butek" <>
Subject log4j should be pluggable
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2001 12:34:27 GMT
Nothing against log4j (well, not much), but the AXIS logging mechanism
should be pluggable.  IBM is using AXIS, but IBM doesn't use log4j, it uses
something else.  So would folks mind if I design a lightweight pluggable
logging framework and a wrapper for log4j?  That way we'll continue to use
log4j and when IBM grabs AXIS it can plug in its own logging mechanism.

There is potentially a similar concern over other AXIS dependencies.  Like
Excalibur.  Right now we're just pulling in the CLI stuff, which is OK, but
I don't think I like the idea of pulling in the whole thing, which I hear
rumblings of.

Likewise for WSDL4J, though at least that thing is expected to follow a
spec that's being produced, and it's the only thing out there right now
that does what it does, and I THINK it's being designed to be pluggable
itself, so if we're really lucky AXIS won't have to do anything special

Russell Butek

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