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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject RE: [GUMP] Function Test Failure - Axis
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2001 14:07:18 GMT
Glen Daniels wrote:
> Yup - I missed a couple of createElement() calls.  Fixed now, but this
> wasn't the cause of the functional test failure(s) (no one was checking
> those element names).

I have verified that the <null> that used to appear in the functional test
output no longer appear, and that this does NOT fix the overall failure(s).

> *** ALL: I'm seeing some weird behaviour when I run the functional-tests - I
> get a blank TEST-test.functional.FunctionalTests.txt file, which used to
> contain all the output from junit.  Is anyone else seeing this???

What I have posted I can reproduce on Solaris, Linux, and Win2K.  On none
of these am I seeing an *.txt file.  I'm running with the latest
junit...will test with Junit 3.7 and report back on my results.

- Sam Ruby

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