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From Mark Roder <>
Subject Items to discuss during the chat
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2001 14:37:28 GMT

During today's chat, can the following be discussed?

--Review patch and add
--give pointers on where to fix other issue with fault decoding
I submitted a patch for src/org/apache/axis/message/ to
try and get java/test/faults/ to work.  See email dated 24
Oct.  I would like this patch reviewed and added.  I also requested some
help on trying to fix the other portion of the problem in getting the fault

--Review adding Receipt object to bidbuy sample
--Review bug report - give pointers how to fix
I submitted a bug report on 24 Oct about "Issue: Namespace problems and
deserialization".  In it was modifications for a Receipt object.  This
changed the bidbuy example to not only pass objects from the client to the
server but to also get a non-string object returned.  I think this makes for
a better example and should be added.
With the Receipt object added, some modifications can be made to expose a
bug on not being able to deserialize an object if it has no namespaces.  Any
pointers on where to look for a resolution to the problem would be great.
Note:  I submitted a patch on 2 Oct to that worked around the
namespace issue on the code base back then, but not sure if that was a "just
make it work" or the "correct solution"

--Criteria to release Alpha 3 version
What criteria is used to consider a alpha 3 release?  The ServiceClient/Call
conversion between A2 and the current code base(and the fact the tests run)
probably could stand another alpha release soon so people don't pick up bad
habits/code by using ServiceClient.

Thanks for the help.



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