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From "Sedukhin, Igor" <>
Subject RE: What are you working on?
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2001 23:32:45 GMT
I was wondering how far soap:body literal support is planned.

I have tried some simple examples (one of which is attached) and it looks like apart from
apparent modification of WSDL Emitter, changes are needed in the message processing/data marshalling
as well. 

Unlike SEOM, pure SOAP messages may not include type information directly in the part body.
And it makes sense, since type information is already known by each side of the communication
(thanks to WSDL). It also allows separation of call parameters and parts that may contain
some binary attachments or whatever else.

At this point WSDL Emitter seems to have problems with multiple occurrences of elements (like
for instance arrays of objects) and also rendition of the parameters part (which becomes org.w3c.dom.ElementHolder,
whereas exact type is known).

Also, if I deploy the service that was generated, and then request WSDL via http://.../testsvc?wsdl,
I would get WSDL with use="encoded", not literal, which sort of defies the original goal to
implement a service according to WSDL.

I understand that it could be rather religious issue, but has anyone gave it a thought?

I was thinking that Serializers/Desearializers have to know about the service they do the
work for (SerializationContext::getServiceDescription() does not really help). That way it
would be possible to base on WSDL directly to implement type mappings. It is a very generic
approach instead of explicitly defining bean mappings in the deployment descriptor.

It would also make sense to add an option to the service deployment descriptor for the generateWSDL
to make rpc/encoded or document/literal style definitions.

So, would anyone consider this a valuable feature for Axis?

-- Igor Sedukhin .. (
-- (631) 342-4325 .. 1 CA Plaza, Islandia, NY 11788 

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From: Russell Butek [] 
Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2001 1:36 PM
Subject: Re: What are you working on?


For the Wsdl2java work, Tom and I have a couple todo lists that are mostly just working notes
for ourselves, but here's an abbreviated version that probably fits what you want.  There
is a lot more to do, but this is what we've been most recently thinking about.  Tom, please
correct me if I misstate anything, or left anything out that I shouldn't have.

- Import model - I'm thinking/working on this one right now.
- Literal soap:body support - I think Tom is working on this?
- Prioritize and implement XML schema types.  The type support right now is minimal.
- Holders - it would be cleaner if we only generated them when necessary.
- Unix testing - Berin is working on a template.  The trick is running Wsdl2java first before
compiling/running the test.
- Faults need enhancing.
- Service Class interface - Right now we don't support every api that JAX-RPC seems to want.

Russell Butek

Glen Daniels <> on 10/03/2001 12:13:39 PM

Please respond to

To:   "''" <>
Subject:  What are you working on?

Hi all!

As per yesterday's chat, I'd like to ask current Axis programmers what y'all are working on
or thinking about working on in the near future.  This is so we can begin to maintain a) a
TODO list, and b) a list of currently active programming projects to avoid foot-steppage.

I'll start with some current tasks:

1) Switching Axis over to WSDD deployment, which involves integrating WSDD code changes, and
hooking the WSDD concept of deployment into the Axis registries. (IN PROGRESS)

2) Implementing the SOAP actor attribute (PENDING)

3) Changes to the ServiceClient to allow user-specified headers to be passed with each message


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