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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject RE: Call object
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2001 20:30:39 GMT

> > This seems inconvenient to me.  Can I request that we add 
> this API to the
> > Axis Call object, and then anything which knows it's using 
> the Axis one can
> > use it?  Essentially, if we're going to move away from 
> ServiceClient towards
> > Call, I want Call to be as functional and as truly dynamic 
> as ServiceClient,
> > even if this means extending beyond the JAX-RPC APIs.
> I don't believe that such will be permitted if/when the API's 
> are in javax
> packages.

javax.rpc.Call (or whatever they call it in the draft once it gets released
;)) will likely be an interface, and as such we can also add whatever we
want to the classes implementing it.  Anyone using our extensions will have
to know they're using an org.apache.axis.client.Call, and not try to go
through javax.rpc.Call, but that's OK.  In fact, we could have just tweaked
ServiceClient to implement Call rather than making a whole new class....
this kind of refactoring might still be a good idea, since it might likely
help existing code....?


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