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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject Re: VOTE: Rick Rineholt as committer
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2001 19:52:03 GMT

Guys, I'm going to -1 this for right now; Rick, I hope you won't take
offense.  Here's my reasoning:

1) I think Axis is getting past the point where we were skipping the usual
"discussion, submit/patch code, stick around" cycle for nominating
committers due to lack of activity.  I want to get over this precedent, and
start actually evaluating people based on the quality and consistency of
their contribution to the project.  We already have a bunch of "stealth"
committers who haven't done any work on the code in ages, if ever.... :)

2) Rick's original nomination was based on the SEOM/WSTK code which Russell
integrated.  As we're not going to be using this code in its current form,
it's not quite so relevant, and in any case we haven't yet fully evaluated
it in an integrated context.  (I was also a bit dismayed to find an almost
complete lack of comments in the code)

Hence, my problem with this nomination is mostly that I don't see a reason
for it yet, and I'd rather not make new committers at this point unless
they're doing demonstrably good/relevant stuff and hopefully going to stick
around.  Now, I've heard rumors that Rick is working on certain other
extremely dangerous portions of the project - portions which have eaten
several of our other committers alive, leaving no trace of them. :)  If that
turns out to be true, and some code and discussion comes out of it, this
will certainly change.

I have nothing at all against Rick, and will gladly +1 a vote for him as a
committer once there's a little more data.

Hope that all made sense...


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