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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject QNames
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2001 13:14:42 GMT

Hi everyone:

We've just been discussing the QName class on the axis-dev list, and have
heard that the proposed JAX-RPC QName lives in javax.rpc.namespace.QName.
Hm... and the WSDL4J QName class lives in javax.wsdl.QName.  And the Axis
QName (for now) is org.apache.axis.utils.QName.... This seems less than
optimal to me.

XML qualified names seem to be a very core concept to XML+namespaces
processing, and as such it would be really nice if there weren't five or six
different QName classes which do essentially the same thing, and yet aren't
directly compatible with each other.

Wouldn't a javax.xml.QName class (or something like that) be a better place
for the Java community to go?  I realize this might mean syncing with
another JSR, but the concept of QName really is larger than the SOAP RPC
context (or the SOAP context at all).  As an implementor, I've already had
to deal with the fact that Axis has a QName class and WSDL4J has a QName
class, and now JAX-RPC is suggesting one as well....

Thoughts?  Has this issue been discussed in a cross-JSR way already?


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