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From Edwin Goei <>
Subject Re: [Xerces2] Beta3 Release Plan
Date Mon, 22 Oct 2001 23:29:43 GMT
Edwin Goei wrote:
> OK, as I said earlier, the original version of the code used reflection
> so I can always go back to that code, then it will compile on both 1.1
> and Java 2.

OK, I've updated the code so that it both compiles and runs on JDK 1.1. 
The code is in xml-commons and I have copied it to xerces2 and xerces1. 
I have also tested it with crimson.

Perhaps I should explain more of the history of that part of the code. 
Originally, an early  version of the code was checked into various
apache trees, then no more changes were made to the code.  The
development however continued, but to an internal tree, which fixed a
number of bugs that were also reported in the apache version.  This is
also when the Java 2 compile dependency was added.  Meanwhile, the bugs
that were already fixed in the new version were also being reported at
apache.  I didn't think it made sense to keep two versions of the same
code so eventually, the newer version that had the bug fixes in it made
it to apache.


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