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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: Namespace support (was: Re: AXIS chat log for 9 October, 2001)
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2001 16:55:57 GMT
Russell Butek wrote:
> So, to summarize, we agree on:
> 1.  remove --package
> 2.  add [--NStoPkg <namespace>=<package>]* with "-N" as the short form.
> 3.  for test.wsdl, Wsdl2java will look for of the form
> <namespace>=<package>
> 4.  2 takes precedence over 3

+1 we agree on this.

> And as for the other discussion - a lightbulb goes on!  This is the
> infamous difference between import and include that can be sooooo
> confusing.  You've been talking about includes, I've been talking about
> imports.  With respect to imports, we're OK since WSDL4J DOES handle them.
> With respect to includes, I haven't tried them, so I don't know.  But this
> DOES bring up another question:  should --noImports also apply to includes?
> I would vote "no".  Include means (at least it does in C/C++ preprocessors)
> that the included stuff is as if it were part of the same file as the
> including file, and I would bet SAX handles it as such.  Therefore it would
> be a pain to force the emitter to make a distinction that the parser
> doesn't make just so it can decide not to emit stuff that's been included.

Your summary is correct.  Of course there is the question of whether to
support XInclude in WSDL at all--esp. since WSDL has a lexical equivalent
that is a bit better suited.

I would vote -1 or at the very least "not yet".  Support for XInclude would
go into the XMLUtils class when/if we choose to support it.

Personally, I would like to see XInclude processing as a switchable option
on the parser itself (e.g. Crimson/Xerces).  That way the document object
and SAX stream is done with no post processing necessary.  But that may be
a story for JAXP 1.2 whenever that comes around.

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