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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: AW: Patch for Context Class Loader problems (was Re: Fresh CVS ch eckout - AdminClient list fails)
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2001 19:43:52 GMT
Glen Daniels wrote:
> OK, got a problem for you. :)
> JRun is integrating Web Services into our next version of the app server,
> and we have a tech preview going out on our current version demonstrating
> this stuff.  It uses Axis, and puts the axis.jar into a system-level lib/
> directory so it's automatically accessible via all webapps. (do you see
> where I'm going yet?)  Thus the AxisServlet class is actually loaded by a
> JRun-wide class loader, *not* the webapp-specific classloader which has
> access to the WEB-INF/classes directories, etc.

Hmmm.  You might have the parent classloader be the one from
HttpServlet.class.getClassLoader().  This ensures the environment you are
looking for--no matter where Axis is in the ClassLoader hierarchy.

> So this patch don't work for us.  We do however set the context classloader
> correctly - so I think we're gonna have to change the patch to only set it
> if it's not set.  Now if there is a performance hit associated with the
> check, I'd suggest we check it once and store the result in a flag that
> indicates we don't need to check it again.

Make sure that flag(s) takes into account that threads that access the
AxisServlet are likely to be pooled (i.e. more than one thread).  The next
issue comes with Servlet 2.3 Filters that can also affect the contextClassLoader.
As I don't know whether the new version of JRun is Servlet 2.3 compliant,
I am not sure that this affects that environment.

> --Glen

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