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From Rob Jellinghaus <>
Subject Re: How do you know you've got attachments?
Date Sun, 28 Oct 2001 19:03:25 GMT
At 11:27 PM 10/27/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>In next pass, once we have a better understanding of ALL the implications
>that attachments has brought to Axis, and it becomes a must do
> to support arrays of  attachments, or complex types with attachments, I
>envision we can do something with
>the TypeMappingRegistry.

I think this is simpler than you think it is :-)  This is what I'll do first when it comes
time to transmit attachments as direct parameters (as opposed to a first-pass for-testing-only
workaround, such as passing the attachment CID as a String).

>I was thinking of
>making this serializer as  part of the default SOAP type registry, but now
>maybe thinking about it, its better not to.

Really?  I would definitely put it in the default registry....

>Or, prescan all the complex and
>array objects and when the first one is found stop and decide its time to
>send an attachment payload.

Yep, that'd work.  For right now, it's simpler to buffer the whole thing than it is to stop
in the middle.


The optimal thing here (too complex, probably) would be to start buffering it, then when you
hit an attachment, stop and start sending... then resume where you left off when it comes
time to stream the rest!  I wish it were possible to do some kind of coroutine-like interruption
of a large serialization (or deserialization).  Who was it who mentioned coroutines in the
context of SAX recently???  Hmm, looks like Xalan has a CoroutineSAXFilterTest in it.....


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