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From (Nelson Minar)
Subject RE: Issue: remove calls to BasicConfigurator in and Axis
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2001 14:13:02 GMT
>Yep, we never finished dealing with this issue.

This is a pain in the neck with log4j - it stems from log4j's refusal
to have a default configuration. But the static configuration that's
current in Axis is definitely a no-no.

>Is there a way to query if log4j has already been configured?

I think Category.getAllAppenders() may be one way to figure it out.
Not sure that's a good idea, though.

>Maybe the answer is to put a default at the top level of
>the axis.jar file, which we can reasonably expect will be on the classpath.

That's what I did for JXTA. It seems to work for people. I worry it's
a bit too magic - it's not immediately apparent which
gets loaded, and usually the order of your classpath doesn't matter.
But it does seem to work.

Maybe other Jakarta folks have a better idea?

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