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From Bob Cotton <>
Subject Re: Case weirdness in Wsdl2java
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2001 17:40:37 GMT
>>>>> "Russell" == Russell Butek <> writes:

    Russell> The emitter is naive.  It capitalizes the first character
    Russell> of the type name because that's just the Java convention.
    Russell> Class names are capitalized.

    Russell> I don't know how to avoid that in your scenario.  The
    Russell> emitter assumes all the types used in a WSDL are defined
    Russell> in the WSDL.  I don't know how you're supposed to include
    Russell> Java types in a WSDL document.

As mentioned previously, Axis does not yet support complex types in
wsdl generation. And I haven't added my <types> to this wdsl yet.

But I did notice the following. This axis-generated wsdl was based on a
java signature of the form:

        public <com.synxis...complexType_A> process(<com.synxis...complexType_B>);

But what I did notice in message section of the the axis-generated
        - the type of the in parameter was complexType_A.
        - the type of the return parameter was

For example:
  <message name="processRequest">
    <part name="arg0" type="ns1:SynXisInventorySynchronization"/>
  <message name="processResponse">
    <part name="processResult" type="ns2:com.synxis.srms.hitis.inventorysync.SynXisInventorySynchronizatonRS"/>

the wsdl generation is including the package name on the return type,
and Wsdl2Java is up-casing the beginning of com.

Possibly this will come together when <types> are included in the wsdl 
generation. But there seems to be a discrepancy between the inclusion
of the package names in the in params vs. the out params.

- Bob

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